Sunday, 14 June 2009

Major Goodies Haul

some major shopping has been going on lately weather its been boredom, or just cash burning a hole in my pocket , which to be fair it does that quiet often.
I was looking for some things i couldnt get in the UK so after spending a random 3 hours searching Ebay and random other websites,Low and behold i came up with this

So some of my twitter followers may have noticed im on a mascara haulage! Major
Its become some what of an obsession to get the most out of my straggly lashes.
So here we have 2 Cover girl Lash blast , After purchasing my first lash blast a little ago i have become obsessed how did i live without this mascara? Not avaliable in the UK so i thought i best stock up whilst i still had remaining cash burning that hole ;)
So then i decided that i would try lash blast luxe, So i have 2 of those, Havent tried them out yet but i will keep you posted.

Then we have maybelline lash stiletto which i am still yet to try out, 3 loreal hip duos i dont have them on me right now so i couldnt tell you the names but i know that the one at the very top is flamboyant, then we have the perfect green duo and a nice subtle gold and olive duo, Soo excited to try these out.

Last but not least MOST EXCITED FOR THESE , we have 2 of the loreal HIP colour presso's i have not stopped using these since i got them and omg you have to go buy them, i have been snapping them out and swapping them around to suit my mood and style for that day these arent sticky and smell like toffee, Whats the cons? doesnt last for long however like me if you dont mind re applying Try them out.

Im also waiting for some more loreal HIP goodies which didnt come with these , i dont know why because they were all from the same place, but i will definatly keep you posted ;)

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